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Investment Analyst
Public Equity

Posted: 09 September 2021


A reputable private investment company is seeking an Analyst to join their Investment team with a fresh mandate to invest in equities. The firm’s portfolio of interests include Technology, Healthcare and Real Estate, however they are expanding in to new geographies and sectors.

The role: Investment Analyst

  • Analyzing financials of companies listed in US, Europe and emerging markets
  • Analyzing macro trends, data and policies shared by authorities (across US, Europe, Emerging Market and GCC economies)
  • Assessing impact of policy changes on the portfolio
  • Producing reports for senior management
  • Liaising with brokers and advisors to discuss investment ideas
  • Ongoing thematic research for discussion in IC meetings for new asset allocation strategies
  • Portfolio monitoring – particularly looking for risks & opportunities


    • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a buy-side or equity research position
    • Passionate about economics, financial markets and macro trends and issues
    • Adept in investment analysis, data analysis, reporting and insights; capable of producing concise reports and “telling a story” in investment meetings


$80000 - $100000 Annually





Job Type

Full Time


2-5 Years


Asset Management, Investment