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Global Head of Investment Research
Asset Management

Posted: 14 February 2024


A growing global alternatives investor is seeking a Head of Investment Research to oversee long-term research, shaping a “house view” and driving superior returns across asset classes.

The role requires expertise in managing research and thought leadership for Public and Private Markets; aligning strategic & tactical asset allocation strategies and providing global market insights.

The right person will have experience in a Head of Investment Research, Asset Allocation or Strategy position in a top tier Investment Bank, Asset Manager or Private Markets investment firm; and will likely be experienced in representing such firms in publications, conferences and news channels. 


    • Advanced degree in finance, economics, or related field; CFA or similar certifications preferred. 
    • At least 15+ years career experience in progressively senior positions in Investment Research, Strategy, and/or Asset Allocation. 
    • Demonstratable leadership in long-term, multi-asset investment research, especially in Equities-focused public and private markets. 
    • In-depth understanding of global financial markets, industry sectors, and trends, with a strong track record in team leadership.
    • Outstanding communication and presentation abilities. 


$350000 - $475000 Annually


75-150% + Carry



Job Type

Full Time


15-25 Years